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Titolo: Raid Rx: Analyzing your healers Part 4

"Scanning the list, a couple of things skip out. For one, the paladins seem to be spread out. individual was only present (i.e. casting) 79% of the time, mostl likely since he died. To find out why Aqu croaked, click on his name. Right above the Abilities tab you'll see ""1 Death 20:29"". Click on the time to see a combat log of what led up to his death. It looks like a combination of Bloodboils and a Fel Geyser finished him off. The geyser damage is the result of standing too close to the person that's targeted with Fel Rage. That existence said, he took most 4.7k BB dmg with no heals. More self-healing and meliorate positioning would have saved him, but he was new to the war, so these things arise. Back to the over-every war table. Sag and Taurus are 3% unconnected on total effective healing, which is less than my 5% rule of thumb, so it's not a bounteous deal. The difference really is well example of how an naming will change your numbers, though. Sag was on tank healing, and due to the way we do Gertie, she was standing in one place for most of the war. Taurus, on the other hand, is on raid healing and fills in for some Blood Boil soakers, should they die. I can say from experience that Taurus spend most half the war running in and out of BB's. Let's look closer at one of the healers. Mist, you're it. Click on his name to bring up his data for the war. Mysteriously at this point, Mist has embellish Fog. WWS is every most complete randomization, to the point they change things mid-river. Ok, whatever. I'm calling him Mist. Right now there is a ton of information in front of you. Let's start from the top and work down.
Active Presence is essentially the time from Mist's first cast after the war started, to his last before the war ended. We've already seen this from the other table, so keep on going. Heals to Friends and HPS (healing per second) are in light purple. Be alive that this is the effective healing, or the healing turn that actually landed on people. This does not include overhealing. HPS is the healing per second for the time that you were healing (remember active presence from above. ). It is not the HPS over the entire war. So you could have a very high HPS by healing a ton at the first of a war and then not casting a single heal once you go Out of Mana. In the realm of importance, I only use HPS for my own improvement and generally do not pay too much tending to it for others. HPS is well to watch if you've just done some major regemming or are building a haste set. The default when you click someone's name is the Abilities tab. Under Heals you get a list of every the heal spells that count as healing for Mist. wow gold In this example every of the spells listed were cast by Mist himself. In many cases you'll also see PoM, Healthstones, and the like listed here. The Total is the total effective healing for those spells for the Gertie war. wow gold The percentage reflects the equilibrise of healing between the different spells. Looking farther to the right you have Hits and Ticks, plus their averages. For direct heals you're going to have hits, or the number of times a spell was cast. For HoTs, you're going to have the number of ticks that spell ticked for. cheap wow gold This creates a taste of a grey ocean, meaning you can't really tell how many times the HoT was cast from this data lonely.
Thus it's a taste difficult to determine if they're using the spell enough or if ticks are getting overwritten by other heals. Things like Fel Reaver's Piston can also fall under this situation. " "Mist was on raid healing, not tanks, which includes trying to keep Fel Rage people alive. wow gold Because of this, I'd expect to see more direct heals than HoT's, and we see this here. I am a taste surprised by the low-ish Lifeblooms compared to the other turn of healing. To see where the LB's are going, click on Lifebloom and then at the top select Gurtogg Bloodboil. mp3 players You'll get this information. You can see Mist has most half of the ticks that Rain was rolling. On the table at the bottom, you'll see that the tanks have the majority of the LB buff gains but there's a decent spread crossways some raiders. Looking into the raiders that got LB (click on Quesse and then click the Gains, Buffs, and Debuffs tab), you'll see that Mist was LB'ing people that were Fel Raged. wow gold This makes sense since you need 3 stacks of LB to be viable for healing. This is difficult to do on raid healing when the damage jumps around. So sticking it only on the Fel Rages is the prizewinning use.


Autore: Alexander 
Data: 03/07/2008