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Titolo: Shaman and the Wrath Alpha

"The seedy underbelly of the internet continues to supply the goods. Just in time to follow up on our look at Druids and Shadow Priests, we're supplied with some potential Shaman information. Let's hope Paladin timing will be as convenient, though it seems unlikely. As usual when discussing Alpha information, it's ever wise to remember that much of it will likely change by launch. Stay optimistic, but cautiously so. That way you can get excited without your hopes existence crushed later on. Now, with the disclaimer out of the way, let's dig right into the Shaman talents and abilities. A lot of the previous weaknesses of the class are existence addressed (much like they were for Shadow Priests) with a few new interesting things tossed in, attended by a side of itemization adornment-aids. The first thing I noticed most the Shaman talent trees in the Wrath of the Lich King alpha is that a few old talents have been changed (and a few talents have been added) to patch up the issues that would hap with the itemization homogenization (see how many times in a row you can say that out loud) in the expansion. For example, Enhancement Shaman no longer get a 5% boost to their Mana via Ancestral Knowledge. It's a boost to Intellect. At facade value, it's roughly the same thing. However, when you go deeper into the talent tree, you'll find that Enhancement can turn 100% of their Intellect into Attack Power. A little strange, considering Enhancement just gears for Intellect at every. Your cipher Negroid Temple geared Enhancement Shaman probably hovers around 200 Intellect unbuffed, and uses a lot of leather intended for Rogues. Still, even then, that's 200 Attack Power. When you take the certainty that Hunter gear has a beautiful turn of Intellect on it currently into consideration, this talent gives Shaman a beauty well reason to share with their predatory friends.
Especially when you consider Shaman have relatively low Attack Power compared to the other melee classes, this will help fill that gap in a way other than just stacking Strength endlessly. Another example of this is the Restoration talent tree. There's a renewed emphasis on Spell Crit that wasn't there before. There was ever Ancestral Fortitude, but one minor talent doesn't dictate how you gear, usually. Usually. So far in Wrath, the most notable example of an emphasis on Spell Crit is Ancestral Awakening, a spell that automatically heals the player with the lowest health in the raid for 20% of the healing your Crit did. On top of that, the Restoration talent tree gives you 14% 'free' Crit for your Healing spells. It's very possible that those talents supply such a large turn of passive Spell Crit so you don't need to gear for it, but I find it more likely that they're specifically encouraging Spell Crit, and we'll see a lot of it on Healing gear. Why. So Restoration and Elemental Shaman can use the same gear for each spec with the new Spell Power mechanic (combining +Damage and +Heal). A strange way to do things, but if they manage to do it right, it's a well thing for Shaman, and probably something we should hope for for every Hybrid classes. It would certainly make things easier as far as activity space goes. wow gold Really, anything that helps my Shaman, Paladin, Priest, Druid, et cetera make activity space is a well thing. Well, that's not true. I think they may be going overboard on homogenizing loot, but this particular example is a well thing, probably. It helps the Healing spec out by letting their gear shine in their move spec as well. wow gold The current Healing to Damage conversion is nice, but it isn't enough to let a powerful Healer still feel powerful when their friends aren't around.
They still want a set of DPS gear currently, even with that conversion. " "Raid Rx is designed to encapsulate and cure the shock and horror that is 25-united states marine corps raid healing. Ok, so it's mostly horror... buy wow gold Anyways, if you're a bounteous fan of X-TREME Whack-A-Mole (or are existence forced into it against your will) this is the column for you. That above is the fun product of Wordle. I creatively call it ""WoW WWS Healing"". wow gold Click on it to give it a spin of your own. So, if you've just randomly stumbled upon this multi-part saga on WWS meets healing, here's a lovely link to get you caught up. For the rest of you operating with mere short term memory lapses, this link right here will transport you to the example WWS we've been mulling most. But more on that after the skip. Today brings you the latest installment of data psychotherapy, healorz style. mp3 players Having covered total healing and class comparison strategy last time, I'd now like to turn your tending to war psychotherapy. This is the meat and potatoes of using WWS, the place you'll spend countless hours staring at the screen in disbelief while simultaneously pulling the last of your fuzz out. Also, don't forget every of the pictures in this post are links to full versions. wow gold So class, please open your WWS to Gurtogg Bloodboil (here's the WWS link, conjuror over the drop down selection next to Split) and turn to the Heals tab. On this war we went with 8 healers. Poly, Sag, and Rain were on the 3 tanks, Ithnan, Ashra, and Cirrus.


Autore: Alexander 
Data: 03/07/2008