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Titolo: Real-life Scarlet Crusade t-shirt

"Reader Richie has done something genius -- he is a bounteous fan of the Scarlet Crusade, having collected every of their fit and their tabard ingame. And when one of his guildies hit a date, he decided to take the design from the tabard, and put it on a T-shirt. You can see how well it turned out above, and there are pictures of the box (probably my favorite part of the whole thing -- he actually printed the ""tooltip"" for the t-shirt on the front, in the official WoW font, called Friz Quadrata), and the whole thing looks terrific. More pics of the shirt, including the front of the box and a pic of the shirt in state, in the gallery beneath (hopefully we won't murder Richie's site, though it was loading slowly when I first pulled it up). This is a brilliant idea -- what other Tabards should be t-shirts. Forget Figureprints, Blizzard should let you print your own guild's tabard out as a T-shirt for sale on their site. If you use a printing site instead of making the shirt by hand, it's tough to get the tabard borders to come out right. I made something similar for our guild by printing our emblem on black shirts. Hubby and I have a matched set and were walking around town one evening and were stopped by people who recognized our paw-print, =P I've gone on to make custom guild designs on mugs/mousepads/etc. to help offset our Vent costs. I'd love my guild's tabard as a tee. I don't know how many others in the guild would like it but I would. I think I could make an discussion for mugs or key chains or mousepads or magnets with our emblem on them. This is a great idea. I'd like to have the tabard as a magnet of every alliance with whom I'm exalted.
Nothing would make my daughter's eyes roll more than to walk into the kitchen and see a row of tabards stuck to the fridge. ""Embarrassing my child. Just one more service I off " "To me, one of the most exciting parts of this morning's Dungeons and Raids panel at the WWI is the certainty that they're going to add more nonlinear elements to five united states marine corps dungeons. wow gold Thank Uther! As far as time it takes to complete dungeons, TBC was a massive improvement, but I couldn't help but feel something major was lost when they every amounted to pull-drink-pull with solid hallways guiding you straight forward. I really started to miss places like Blackrock Depths. The Caverns of Time was a gloriously refreshing change from that, and I'm glad they took something out of that poll they did awhile backwards. The previews of The Occulus and Caverns of Time: Stratholme were fantastic, and that nonlinearity is one of the prizewinning parts, easily. wow gold Even though you will probably have killed every of the same bosses in the end that you would have if the dungeon were linear, just in a different order, having choices acquirable and environments that aren't simply enclosed hallways that go in one direction really brings a place to life. It's hard to conceive that the Botanica is just one really long constant hallway, for example. Here's hoping that these elements extend beyond Old Stratholme and The Occulus, and Wrath will bring dungeons backwards to life. Hybrid Theory: Shaman and the Wrath Alpha If you look at the spells and abilities these classes are getting so far, the heavy emphasis on buffing your group and raid has also been toned down. The group-wide buffs are mostly what they are in TBC. world of warcraft gold Very little has been added or changed on that front.
The emphasis has been taken off of buffing others, and been placed on empowering the Shaman, Druid, et cetera. This was needed to some extent, but the shift was rather fast, and indicative of the kind of game we'll see in Wrath. As someone who adores 25-united states marine corps raiding, it is confessedly a little saddening to see class design shift absent from that so sharply. wow gold However, I will adjudge that it's probably the prizewinning move for the majority of the WoW community. Plus, some of that stuff is beauty sweet. Summoning spirit wolves. mp3 player Hell yes. Again, I didn't mention every new knowledge and talent that Shaman are getting. There's a lot of other really cool stuff, including some fantastic PvP buffs for Enhancement Shaman. wow gold Yeah, you heard that right. PvP buffs for Enhancement. Here's to hoping that my theories and interpretations are interesting to someone other than myself, and that Shaman will be in top form in Wrath! The love is definitely needed, and I hope that Blizzard follows through. "


Autore: Alexander 
Data: 03/07/2008