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Titolo: PC Game Reviews

My tryst with PC games began as early as 1990 with a very basic version of ‘Prince of Persia’. Games from then to now have come a long way with fantastic graphics and artificial intelligence. Below are reviews of some of the best PC games. Artificial intelligence and superior graphics have taken the following PC games to the next level. Welcome to the world of virtual reality…fasten your belts, here we go. Civilization II: is an Empire building (turn based) strategy game which has been developed and published by Microprose. The game starts at the Old Stone Age in 4000 B. C. Your tribe begins with a small settler’s unit and has no idea about the surrounding area. No doubt, the game is old and a higher version of the game is out there, but for me, this will be best there ever will be. There are countless maps/modules available which are often accompanied with educational or outright fantasy plots. I would recommend the game to everybody who is into strategy PC games. The game will bring in years of fine entertainment and will serve as a measurement for all similar games. The Witcher: is an action role playing game set in a world created by best-selling Polish author Andrzei Sapkowski which has been developed and published by CDProjekt. It is an action packed, visually stunning game with a deep and intriguing storyline, which is full of great scenes and contains the feature of consequential impacts based on a player’s decision during the game. The game features the player as a ‘Witcher’, a warrior who has been trained to fight since childhood. The Witcher has to earn his living by killing monsters. The high point of the game is the soundtrack provided by Adam Skorupa and Pawel Blaszczak which represents superior musical support than most movies can claim to. Portal: has been called one of the most innovative new games. Developed and published by Valve Software, Portal is a single player game which has been designed in a way to change the way players approach, manipulate and summarize the possibilities in any given situation. The player has to solve physical puzzles and challenges by opening portals to maneuver objects and themselves through space, which will compel them to think out of the box. The game also includes fantastic art direction, writing and voice acting. mp3 players The best part of the game is that people in all age groups can enjoy this game as it requires minimum usage of the mouse and keyboard. One of the most challenging, sweet, compact and self contained, yet short game released this year. Team Fortress 2 (TF2): is the sequel to the PC game that made multiplayer team warfare a must have. world of warcraft gold Developed and published by Valve Software, this edition provides a broad range of tactical abilities and personalities that allow vast variety to the players. With the characters possessing a cartoon look and feel, this game sure has been created with a lot of style and panache. The humorous dialogues used are a welcome break from the extremely realistic games available now days. wow The only real flaw in the game is the documentation that is available as it has very little details about the various intricacies available with each class. Fury: is an advanced combat, fast paced and diverse game that was developed by Auran and published by Gamecock Media Group. The dynamic cycle of the game allows the user to fight and earn rewards, which in turn allows one to customize their character with richness and depth. wow gold Fury takes an aspect of the most MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role playing game) to a whole new level. The whole premise of the game is to kill other players and win back memories and essence. The battles are fast and furious with spells being thrown from every angle. wow gold I guess the only drawback with this game is terrible lag issues, which is quite a shame for this game. Race 07 - The Official WTCC Game: is an exemplary game about real cars and real racing.What's the buzz 300 cars on 32 tracks! Developed by SimBin and published by Viva Media, the game encompasses 9 different racing classes, each with its own distinctive character and a whole bunch of innovative options. wow gold kaufen I think the feature that makes this game is a must have is the ability to see the game through a helmet camera or the immersive action camera which gives the player a true feeling of driving real cars. Enjoy the game to experience competent stimulation racing like never before!

Autore: Alexander 
Data: 21/11/2008