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Titolo: Wrath release dates

"We're all anxiously anticipating the announcement of a release date for Warth of the Lich King. Many of us speculate that the game will be released in November of this year. Many players have sent us tips about various retailers and their release dates. Lubu of EU-Burning Blade shared an email from the vendor with which he placed a preorder of the game: Dear sir Thank you for the following order placed with GAME. As you may already be aware, the release date for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Expansion Pack has changed to Oct 2008. Changes to release dates are relatively common in the videogames industry and are unfortunately beyond our control. Don't worry, your order is still live and will be despatched prior to its release date via your chosen method of delivery. I just wanted to remind everyone that retailers have no more information than we do about the development of the game. lists November 30, 2008 as the release date for WoTLK, Game Stop's website says the game will ship on November 3, 2008. As mentioned in the order listed above, the date is subject to change. Online retailers usually put a release date up for preordered sales. I suspect Blizzard will shoot for a November release, but we're more likely to see the game come out in early 2009. The preorders are usually trustworthy, but the dates are not. If you're like me and planning on taking some time off work to play the game, do not submit your PTO request until Blizzard gives an official date. Thanks to all of our readers who have submitted release dates, we cannot post anything official until Blizzard makes an announcement. Rest assured that we will let you know as soon as the date is made public. " "Just in case you were hoping that due to Inscription or some other of the huge profession changes coming in Wrath of the Lich King, you'd get added expansion slot, Bornakk confirms that you will not -- despite every the changes to professions, the way that characters choose them will not change. But Kevin G (who kindly sent us this tip -- thanks!) brings up added interesting profession topic -- just how are Death Knights going to deal with leveling up their professions.
Surely, since Blizzard doesn't want them running around level 1 areas like noobs, they wouldn't actually have to level up from the first, would they. wow gold As hilarious as the thought of a black armorclad bringer of devastation chasing wolves around Elwynn for their leather is, it's probably a well look that Blizzard will refrain that scenario. But how. We have no idea already. wow gold We do know that Blizzard wants to make things easier for people leveling professions every the way up (especially from the higher levels), so maybe there'll be a plan in place that Death Knights can get in on (maybe a quest to do, or a simple charge of a few hundred gold, since that's probably what it would cost to just buy the lower level stuff off the AH). wow gold Either way, hopefully we'll see a solution that's both easy on Death Knights and beautiful to characters who've leveled it up the hard way. The Wrath Alpha is not open to the public We've mentioned this already, but let's reiterate something:buy wow gold Though the Wrath Alpha client is floating around out there, be very very careful about what you download or try to access. The Alpha servers are not for you, and attempting to download the client isn't wise. wow gold My recommendation is simply to not do it. We all know how many accounts have been stolen due to keyloggers hidden in links, ads, and other things. Keep that in mind before you click on a download link. A dirty .exe with a filename disguised to look like a Blizzard downloader for the Alpha client is out there. mp3 There are probably more than one. Nobody wants to lose their account, and we don't want you to lose yours, either. "


Autore: Alexander 
Data: 03/07/2008